Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Invention To Make Life A Little Easier With Kids

Check out this pretty awesome invention by St. Louis man, Michael Turk. I was scrolling down Facebook and came across it from a local St. Louis Channel, Fox 2 News.  They have a segment called, Tim Ezell on Fox 2 News.  Anyway, Michael Turk created a device that you can connect between two, three, or how ever many Umbrella Strollers you have.  Now, you don't have to lug around those huge double strollers plus it could save you more money when buying a stroller. 

I only have one child, but her stroller was at least $100 - $150.  It was a gift plus 7 years ago.  I can only imagine what the double or triple strollers cost.  Uggg!  The Umbrella Stroller go anywhere from $10 -$20, depending on the brand and character. 

Tell me you thoughts, but I think Michael Turk of St. Louis is certainly onto something. 
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