Friday, January 23, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - Onward Christian's Soldiers -

My heart is pounding.  My legs are pure jelly.  I'm a quivering mess.  Christian Grey is sitting across from me. 
He's so good looking, it's unnerving.  His hair is tousled.  is gaze is steely, like molten gray fire. 
Oh my.  I swallow my Diet Coke convulsively.  What's happening?  What's he going to do now?
His long-fingered hands reach for the cheese plate.  I gasp and flush scarlet as he piles Manchego and chorizo on crusty bread.  "Mmmm, " he says.
He looks up at me, his eyes full of some unfathomable question.
Holy cow.  Could this be more erotic?
"Is this the whole-grain mustard?" he asked.
My heart pounds faster.  The blood thrums in my ears.  I go into cardiac arrest.

Takes me back to months of reading the best trilogy of books I have ever read.  Many BFF's and couples will be filling the movie theaters to watch the one of the top movies set to release Valentines Day 2015 and I am sure you are as excited as I am.  Fifty Shades of Grey has finally come to the big screen and I cannot wait!!   

After much debate I am honestly excited about the main actors.  As everybody knows.....Christian Grey is being played by Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele is being played by Dakota  Johnson.  Did you know Jamie was not the first choice for Christian Grey?  Charlie Hunnam was their first choice.  Many fans love this decisions and Charlie also felt excited for the role.  Unfortunately with Charlie's intense TV schedule it did not workout and he needed to decline the role. 

Their next and final pick was Jamie Dornan.  This made Grey fans not happy and many are still unhappy with the decision.  The hashtag #NotMyChristian started trending on Twitter and is still ongoing.  Some even refuse to see the movie but I bet some will find themselves standing in line just like me.  Even the release of a steamy trailer failed to placate the true diehards.  Many feared the baby-faced, former Calvin Klein underwear model was too adorable to truss anyone up.  My thought is get over it and enjoy the movie.  Not everyone will feel the same way about every man or woman.  Not every man is your leading man so let it go and just enjoy the movie for it's passion and true meaning.  I have a feeling this is one movie you don't want to miss!!

So tell me, after all the months of waiting, discussing and now seeing the different trailers with our Christian and Anastasia are YOU pleased with the picks?  I would honestly say I am.  At first I was not sure about Jamie Dornan as Christian, but I now see him as Christian and cannot wait to see their chemistry together!! 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Six Winter MUST Haves for Your Skin!!

Every winter I say the same thing, " I hate how dry and itchy my skin gets!!"  I have literally tried every product out there.  My skin not only gets dry like I'm sure many of yours does, but it cracks and bleeds too.  Totally gross and so painfull!  It got to the point where I was having to keep Band-Aids in my purse for ME!  Not the kiddos. 

Over the years I have actually gotten a collection of my winter "Must Haves" and want to share it with YOU!  Not only does my skin get very dry, crack and itchy it is also very sensitive to many products.  The products listed below help with not only dry skin, but help keep my skin feeling soft, rejuvenated and they do not cause redness, itchiness or irritation.  Perfect for those with a brutal winter and dry skin!! 

  1. AVON Skin So Soft  - A favorite of thousands for many years and for good reason.  Not only can Avon's SSS help with your dry skin it makes an awesome bug repellant!  Check out the 30 plus reasons you need to have Skin So Soft in your home HERE.  I always make sure I have a back up bottle in my home!!
  2. AVON Skin So Soft Winter Soft Body Cream - With Hydroseal Complex this body cream is non greasy, goes on smooth and makes my entire body feel soft and smooth.  Love the scent! 
  3. SPECTRUM ESSENTIALS Organic Coconut Oil - This is the perfect choice for a natural body care.  It does have a strong coconut scent which I love.  It can be greasy when first applied, but it really helps dry, itchy skin. 
  4. O'KEEFF'S Working Hands - Made just for the hands and it DOES work!  What I love is I can apply it and go on with my daily routine.  It is NOT greasy, wet or sticky feeling.  It does not have a strong scent so it is great for men or women.  It is made for dry hands that crack or split. 
  5. AVON Naturals Hand and Body Lotion - You cannot go wrong with Avon Naturals Body Lotions.  Many great scents to choose from plus leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling great!  With the great low price they also make great gifts!  I love the convenient travel size perfect to keep in your purse or anywhere. 
  6. AVON Lip Balm - A Must Have every winter is lip balm.  My favorite has always been Avon.  Any kind really will do but be sure it has SPF 15.  We need to protect our beautiful lips from those nasty rays.  Avon Care is one of my favorites.   

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Friday, January 16, 2015

AVON!! Bold Lips and Brows

Bold Lips and Brows!

Sultry, smoky eyes are great for festive occasions, but they can be hard to re-create on your own.  This holiday season I found it easier to simplify the primping and put the focus on color-intense lips and full brows.  The look is pretty, polished, and (best of all) easy to achieve. 

One of my favorite lipsticks from Avon is Avon's Ultra Color Bold Lipstick.  This amazing lipcolor line contains 50 percent more pigment than is found in traditional lipsticks.  At only $8 each this is a must have!! 

After years of soft, sheer glosses' dominating the beauty market, strong lips are taking the center stage again.  What the new lipsticks don't share with their older counterparts is a technology to dry out lips.  Today's creamy varieties are packed with pigments (making it possible to get full coverage with one swipe) and often boast moisturizing humectants, like hyaluronic acid. 

One of the best and most popular new lipsticks from Avon is Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick.  Formulated with Color Complete Complex featuring six beauty boosters - Vitamin E, Phytol, Vitamin C, 50% moisturizing ingredients in every stick, SPF 15, and Collagen - this creamy lipstick is rich in moisture, conditioners, and antioxidants.

It continues to work even after you have taken it off and help lips look their best. A clinical study shows that lips look healthier after using new Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick. And with new Color Reveal technology, Avon’s breakthrough self-renewing pigments, this multitasking lipstick also delivers vibrant looking color, in 12 stunning shades.  Regularly priced $9 On sale NOW for $5.99!! 
To balance bold tones, go for equally bold brows.  "Your were born with the brow that was right for you.  Work with that thick thickness to hone the arch," says Los Angeles celebrity eyebrow specialist Anastasia Soare. 

"When your eyebrows look good, people notice," said Maybelline New York's global brow expert, Maribeth Madron.  "when they're wrong-too bushy or overplucked-they pull away focus."  A well shaped brow is the visual equivalent of a face-lift.  Below, are your must have brow-care essentials. 

Arch - Slant-edged tweezers are the easiest to use.  Always keep a pair of tweezers handy to nab errant hairs.  I love my Ergonomic Tweezers from Avon.  Sale - $3.99 (item #790-587)

Accentuate - Also a must have!!  The kit's tinted powder and wax "fills gaps and create structure"  Will find kits similar for $32!!  Avon - $4.99!! 

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AVON!!! -Three More Days - Save Up To 50%!!!


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Monday, December 1, 2014

CYBER MONDAY - Free shipping. 30% off. + FREE 6-piece gift!!

Avon is continuing to have their FREE SHIPPING deals.  I took advantage of the 30% savings Friday.  I snagged myself a few Christmas gifts, some stocking stuffers and a little something for myself.  It is very rare that Avon offers a percentage off for spending such a small amount.  If you love Avon like I do this is the perfect time to take advantage of it! 

Today for Cyber Monday it gets a little better!  


30% Off ANY order of $30 or More!

FREE 6-Piece Gift Set With ANY Order of $50 Or More!  

Use Coupon Code CYBER30FS!!  

Valid 12/1/2014 On Direct Deliveries Only!  

WAIT.......With each $50 Order You will receive this FREE 6-Piece Gift Set

Here are some GREAT stocking stuffer ideas:

Shimmering Body Powder 9 scents to choose from) - Reg $5.50 Sale - $1.99

Haiku or Imari Seduction Parfum Spray - Reg $23 Sale $10

Cozy Fury Slippers - Reg $14.99 Sale $6.99

Flowers and Beads Flip Flops - Reg $14.99 Sale $4.99

Please visit my online website to order all these great items plus more!  Thank you!  
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Quick Spritz of Avon Luck For Her To Feel Instantly Energized!

With the holidays quickly approaching many of us already may be losing our steam.  Whether we are stay home moms, college students, or work full time.  We find it hard to find that extra energy especially around the holidays.  I know I struggle to keep up energy during the holidays.  I often find myself looking for anything to give me that boost of energy.

ALL YOU Magazine recommends a quick spritz of #AvonLuck for Her fragrance to feel instantly energized!  How you ask?  Avon's Newest fragrance, Avon Luck For Her is a sparkling fragrance for the woman fortunate in love and life.  This luxurious fragrance instantly seduces with dazzling notes Sparkling Citrus - which research has shown has a stimulating effect.  The aroma of jasmine is also effective in sharpening focus - which in turn speeds up reaction times and improves performances.  

Celebrate your lucky moments from day to night and feel better and more energized with Avon's NEW long lasting fragrance Avon Luck for Her.    

Please watch the video below to learn a little more about MY new favorite fragrance.  

To purchase you very own Avon Luck for Her please visit my website HERE.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about this product OR any other products or Avon in general.  

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Get Mile-Long Legs With Avon's Cushion Walk® Knee-High Stretch Boot

Get mile-long legs and the perfect look you have been searching for with Avon's NEW Cushion Walk® Knee-High Stretch Boot.  You will feel both stylish and beautiful while your legs look lean and lengthy thanks to the tapered shape of these amazing boots!!

Classic just-below-the knee boot.  Leatherlike with stretch gore on the back panel.  (size 8 fits 17" calf and stretches for added width).  Flexible rubber sole.  1 1/4" H heel Imported.  Half sizes, order one size up.

If interested please visited my Avon website HERE.

I do have a special valid now through 11/23/14.  All Direct Delivery order $75 and over will receive Free Shipping plus 25% off their order when the use coupon code SITEWIDE!!  Great time to stock up for the holiday.  Please be sure you are shopping with Julie McClure Sutton to receive these special deals.  Thank you!  
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