Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Is The True Meaning In Your Name?

Over the past few weeks I have has some great conversations with some new blogger friends I have made.  One of them involved my daughter, who she was named after, who I was named after and so on.  It got me thinking, what amazing, beautiful strong women I have to thank for my name, Julie Ilene. 

From left to right:
Julia(grandmother) Julia Grace(daughter) Julie(me) Thomas(dad)

From left to right: 
Janet(mom) Camelia Ilene(grandmother) Robert(grandfather)
Samantha(niece) Julia Grace(daughter) Karli(niece) Julie(me)

Julia Grace, my daughter was then named after my grandmother, Julia for her first name.  We named her after my grandfather's mother, Grace for her middle name.  I do wish I could share my picture of her.  We called her Grandma Bird for her love of birds.  I couldn't find the picture.  Grace never met Grandma Bird, but I always tell her how lucky she is to be named after her! 

I would love to hear your family names.  See pictures of family photos.  I love to hear special stories behind parents and their child's name.  Why they decided to choose that particular name. 

Julie - Latin word meaning gentle.  Means beautiful jewel, youthful.
Grace - Latin work meaning Grace of God.  So true!!
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  1. I love the history behing your names. Beautiful history. Makes your names so much more ... Specail.
    The mask was of some gel form and I really have no idea. I gues I will have to ask my mom. Thanks for stopping by and visiting it has been a crazy weekend and start into the new week. Pray this finds you doing well Julie


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