Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Is There So Much Stress Invloved When Changing Doctors?

Have you ever had to change your doctor?  No, I don't mean because you moved or because your insurance changed.  What I am talking about is switching a doctor that you have seen for 17 years (wow that is almost half my life) and telling them you just don't want to use them any more.  It is a lot harder than you would think. 

Alright, a little background first.  I moved to St. Louis in 1993.  I started having medical problems in 1994 which needed attention quickly.  I was recommended to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to see a doctor by the name of Dr. Daniel Kelley.  One of the best Cardiologist. 
Long story short he moved on to bigger and better things in 2002.  At first I wanted to change doctors, but I decided to stay with the team at Barnes.  I had a great nurse I had seen from day one and other doctors that were familiar with me.  I always saw a team of doctors and was then passed onto another doctor.  This kept happening for the next several years.  Doctors I would get used to and who would get to know me would then leave. 

Fast forward to 2011.  One doctor left that was with the original team.  I did not care for him.  I never started seeing him until after Dr. Kelley left.  He treated me more like I am a chart than a patient.  It is time to leave and move on and find another Cardiologist. 
Why is it so hard for me?  The past year I have been saying I will do it and never have.  It is almost like I am breaking up with a hospital.  I know it is the right decision, I just can't do it. 
Friday I had a doctor's appointment with my family doctor and certain things were discovered.  He helped me find a new Cardiologist, one who actually practices in St. John's Mercy.  Right where I wanted to go!

Now I am a little more at peace with the situation.  Sounds funny, but It was a big decision for me that is finally made.  Doctors can make an impact on your life both positive and negative.  In my life so far have have seen some awesome doctors and some that are just there for the paycheck.  I have had doctor's try and get me to leave the hospital right I had surgery and others that are there for me emotionally and honestly care about my well-being.  To me picking a good doctor can take time and something you should really research. 
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