Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do You Have A Favorite Coloring Kit?

I have been coloring my hair for almost 2 years now and I must admit it is starting to feel more like a job at times.  Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling after it's just the before and during the gets me.  The reason I started coloring was to cover those unruly gray hairs.  Now I have that annoying upkeep plus I have gone from a brunette to a black.  I must admit, I do love it!  Is it possibly that I have permanently changed my hair color?  Silly question I know, but I sometimes let my hair go several months before treatments and it still seems to stay black.  Perhaps just a bit lighter.  It never seems to go to my original color or I do not notice my roots.  I guess I wont complain OR possibly get new glasses. 

I do color my hair myself.  I did go to my hairstylist a couple of times, but the price was just a little higher than I wanted to pay and I really don't mind (well, sometimes).  Over the past couple years, I have found I have a brand favorite, Clairol.  I have use Nice 'N Easy, Natural Instincts and Perfect 10.  I have not used the new Nice 'N Easy with Color Blend Foam.  I am excited to try it especially with the FREE coupons that were handed out on Facebook several months back. 

I have always noticed good results with Clairol, any of the products I listed.  Have you tried Clairol?  What did you think? 

Since I do use coupons a lot if you are a coupon user you know that we don't always stay true to our favorite brands and products.  Using coupons means many times buying what is the cheapest.  Several months back there was a great deal on Garnier hair color at Walgreens.  I bought several boxes of Garnier Nutrisse AND Garnier HerbaShine.

I have colored my hair with Garnier HerbaShine twice.  The last time two weeks ago and really didn't like the results.  It is as easy to follow as all the other coloring kits.  I did notice both times I used it the gray coverage was not near as good as the Clairol products I used.  This last time I used it I was very disappointed I almost colored again, but I obviously didn't. 

I do not think I will buy this for gray coverage again.  Overall not one of my favorites. 

I have not yet used any of my Garnier Nutrisse.  I have several weeks before I will need to use it and I do hope it works much better than the Garnier HerbaShine. 

The box does say 100% gray coverage.  That sounds great to me!!

Do you color your hair?  If so what color and for how long?  Do you have a favorite kind or brand?  I would love to hear! 
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