Friday, March 4, 2011

Learn How Long Food Lasts

No matter if you stock pile your food, use coupons or simply buy a few groceries at a time, you should always be aware of the date of the food you are buying.  You should know what can be stored where and for how long. 
I am pretty picky about expired dates on food.  As I think everyone should be.  I even have the bad habit of when I am in someones home glancing at the date of the item I am eating.  Not very often, but It does happen on occasion.  Everyone should be aware of the dates of their foods and how to properly store them.  I would rather spend the $0.79 at Aldis for a loaf of bread than risk eating bread that "doesn't look right."  Or I love the question.  Smell this, does it smell bad?  If you have to ask, then my guess is it is pretty bad! 

I have shared before that I buy my hamburger meat in bulk at Sam's Club, separate into smaller packages and freeze them.  A good tip when doing this is make sure you write the date you bought the meat on the package.  This way you know exactly how long it will stay fresh. 

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share with everyone.  A good little tip from All You for those of us that are unsure of just how long we should keep certain foods.
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  1. Great information. I have a girl friend I grew up with that is very picky on her dates. She is now a shut in and I shop for her and even before I leave the store she has me checking all th dates on the food. Hope you had a wonderful Friday and have a super blessed weekend.

  2. My in-laws are guilty of leaving things in their pantry for years! (yes, I've seen the same box of Graham Crackers in there for like 3 years now) But what they are really bad at, is putting away their condiments. This drives me nuts! They ask me if I'd like a sandwich and then I see them grab that bottle of mustard thats been sitting on the counter for 4 days. They do it with their ketchup, mustard, relish, and I really hope they don't do it with the mayo, but I have seen that sit out for hours before (which disgusts me) Good post though! Thanks for sharing!


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