Tuesday, March 8, 2011

U - Build Games - Are They Really THAT Fun?

Earlier this year we bought Grace some of the U-Build games from Hasbro.  We actually bought them when Toys R Us had them on sale and we have slowly been giving them to her. 

Tonight we tried 2 of the games.  U-Build Battleship and U-Build Monopoly.  One wasn't worth my time and the other wasn't too bad. 

First the bad, U-Build Battleship.  It caught my eye because it looked almost a lot like the old school game when I grew up and the price was just right.  The minute I started assembling this thing I new something wasn't right.  either the parts were wrong or this didn't make sense. 

Two pieces are needing to go into one slot?  What?  How does that work?  I asked my question, why do I want to build this game?  This time it just wasn't worth it.  Grace totally agreed.  We were done.  We didn't even open all the pieces.  We will give that game to someone who can use it.

Onto U-Build Monopoly.  I actually liked this game.  I honestly enjoyed the "original" better, but given time this could be a pretty fun game.  You get to choose the pattern, size and type of game.  I liked that.  The money was certainly different.  It taught Grace about higher dollar amounts, loved that. 

We only played for 30 - 40 minutes, but with it being cycle break we left the game out and it is ready to start at any time! 

How about you and your family.  Have you tried any of the U-Build Games?  We also have U-Build Sorry.  Saving that one for a rainy day. 
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  1. Never heard of these games before. Of course not having small ones around does cause some issues with that. But I do play game siwth the grandchildren when i travel to Ca. We have so mcuh fun! I will have to ask about these ones.
    U-Build? Something new all the time.
    Enjoy the games and have a great time with the break.


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