Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is A Dirty Job But Someone Has To Do It!!

We got some really good news this weekend!  My parents house finally sold!  I have been saying many prayers the timing would work out and it looks like we are back on track.  Now, the fun part.  My parents have 30 days to finish "fixing" the new house, pack and be out of their old house.  Sounds like a good time, right?  RIGHT?? 

We have been spending the past week painting and tearing out all the carpet and padding.  I have now learned it is so much easier saying the sentence, "We are going to paint and carpet an entire house." than actually doing it.  It has been a lot of work!  My parents have been out of town this past week and I hope will be surprised to all the work we have done.  I think tomorrow we will be putting them to work! 

 Here are a few pictures of the work we have been doing.  Looking through them I know realized I need to get some better ones.  I will work on that.  : )

 This is upstairs in the hallway.  I tore out this carpet and padding and was pretty proud of my work (and tired)

 Also upstairs and also my handy work.

 Downstairs Doug is painting over the mustard color wit ha new fresh oatmeal color.  Do you like the baseboards?  I did those too.  : )

Grace was an awesome helper.  Here she is pulling out the staples.  Not an easy job, but she rocked at it!!!

To date I think we took 21 bags of trash out of that house full of padding.  We still have the master bedroom to tear out.  I lost count to how many rolls of carpet we brought out of that house.  We cut them into 4ft. or 6ft. pieces.  It was crazy!!  
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