Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Once Upon A TreeHouse ~ Bringing Joy and Happiness to Little Girls

As I was reading through a few blogs I came across one that had a very interesting post, Nana Hood.  The post starting by telling about this fun giveaway for children's book.  Head on over if you would like to enter.  Then she started discussing this amazing website called "Once Upon a TreeHouse"  

For anyone that has daughters, granddaughters or nieces or sweet girls in their lives this is one site you might want to check out.  Once Upon A TreeHouse is all about the experience of children creating handmade toys with their parents, friends and family members.  They also help create interactive ideas for parents & grandparents that provide enriching experiences with their children & grandchildren.
What makes these dolls so great is that they are all hand painted and sewn with great detail.  All pieces are eco-friendly and they are made of wood ( maple) there are not any plastic pieces such as the dollhouses you find in the supermarkets.  
And for every doll Once Upon a TreeHouse sells, we will give a doll to a child in need.  How cool is that?  
The dolls start at $12.00 each and come in different varieties.  You can buy accessories, animal dolls, and of course a home for all your dolls!  The houses cost a little bit more.  They start at $125.00 and of course you can furnace you home with furniture.  
Rosie the Girl Doll

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