Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Like It's 1992 Again?

Summer of 1992 Betsy (Betty) & Myself (Julio)

Do you ever have those moments with friends where it doesn't matter how long you haven't talked how many years it's been since you've hugged.  It feels like time has just stopped and nothing has changed.  Isn't that such an awesome feeling?  Friends like that are truly hard to come by.  I say hold on them.  Those are friends that are true, loving souls.  I have an awesome friend like that.
I met Betsy in Miller Junior High back in Marshalltown, Iowa (I called her Betty and she called me Julio).  Betty and I became closer as we became older.  She was an amazing friend that was just awesome for me and I hope on some level I was for her.
Moved from Iowa to St. Louis (sad, but best decision in my life) in 1992 right after graduating from Marshalltown High School.  The last time I saw Betty was that summer of 1992.  Then we both went our separate ways and had separate live for about 15 years.
Facebook then was introduced to me and I was reconnected with so many friend from high school, including Betty.  We soon connected in person in it honestly felt like 1992 again.  It felt like that summer and nothing had changed.  It took awhile to catch up and figure who's who, look at pictures and I even met up with another great friend.  Such an awesome time!!
Last Christmas I went back home to Marshalltown and stayed through the New Year.  Betty and I planned a girls night out.  We had so much fun!  
Part of our evening was a stop at Applebee's for a few drinks and food.  As the night progressed I guess we felt like photos needed to be taken every 10 minutes.  Here are just a few.  
I hope you enjoy and they bring back good, happy memories of your younger days.

little cut off there.  

we are getting somewhere here...

I think we had some help on this one.  
Betty & Julio January 2011

I do not even know...suggestions??
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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I have a couple friends where we can just pick up where we left off years ago too. :)


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