Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mess-Free Sponge Painting

One of my favorite family magazines out there right now is Family Fun.  Family Fun has so many great organizational, fun crafty ideas.  They offer family friendly recipes plus so many great articles and stories.  I also love that they have a website.  I often go on the website when I am searching for a fun project idea or a recipe to make.

I just received my September issue and I came across this awesome idea for toddler's.  I so wish I would have thought of this when my sweet Grace was younger.  Who comes up with these awesome ideas??

Mess-Free Sponge Painting - Inspire your toddler's creativity and curiosity with a printing project that keeps her hands, clothes and everything else clean (love that concept).

You will need:

  • Card stock
  • Gallon-size Ziploc storage bag
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Tempera paints
  • Masking tape

Step 1 - Trim a piece of card stock to fit in the bag, and slip it inside.
Step 2 - Dampen the sponge and cit it into 1 - to 2-inch pieces.  Press each piece into a different color paint, then put the sponges in the bag and zip it closed.  Add a piece of tape to secure it.
Step 3 - Set the bag on a table and encourage your toddler to press down on the sponges to make prints or shake the bag to move them around.  When she's done, take out the card stock and let it dry.

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