Friday, September 14, 2012

303...Who's 303?? Flashback To Christmas 1980's

Flash back to the 1980's.....are you there? The 80's were an awesome time.  Great music and clothes.  The fashion, fun and colors!!  I was born in 1974 and experienced the 80's at the best time...ages 6-15.  Then rocked the 90's in high school!

The reason for my flashback is I notice I have reached 303 awesome followers.  Woo Hoo!!  Let me tell you the BEST story about the these little numbers 3-0-3...

Christmas back sometime in the 80's.  By the look of this picture I would say it was 1988.  We were all gathered at my grandparents home waiting to open our Christmas gifts.  This is one childhood memory I miss and loved so dearly.  Everyone (mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins) would all spend the night at my grandparents home.  Before we could fall asleep my grandma would read us The Christmas Story from the top of the stairs.  Then my awesome Aunt would wake us up yelling, "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas" (so loved this!)  Wish memories like this could last forever.

The amazing thing was non of the gifst would be out until Christmas morning.  I mean how could they? Santa had not come yet.  It was such an awesome site waking up to all the gifts.  That part of the tradition I have always kept.

Usually my grandpa would sit in a chair and hand out all the gifts.  If I remember correctly as some of us kids got older we started to help.  There was that one Christmas where a gift was simple labeled MOM.  My sweet grandpa had the gift turned the other way and thought it said 303.  So, he asked, "Who's 303?"  At first I don't think we heard him and he asked a few more times.  Finally we started laughing realizing what he was saying.  I think the family found it much more amusing than my grandpa.

To this day my dad and brother still chuckle when they see anything that says 303.  It is amazing how certain times (good or bad) can stick with us no matter how many years pass.  I must admit....the 303 gets me sometimes too.  Love you grandpa!!!
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  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy Moms, Happy Homes. I love your template! So cute! Congrats on the 303 and, with the addition of me, it is now 306 on GFC. That story was really funny, too!

    God bless!
    Tina - mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Funny thing...I looked at the clock and I was so close to posting at 3:03. lol

  2. Hello from The TT Diaries your newest follower from the weekend blog walk. I am very fond of big Christmases with my family too. I love everyone being together. I try really hard to make this happen for my kids even though not a much as it used too. THis is a great story.

  3. Oh yes! I rocked the 90's as well. Found you through Fun Friday Blog Hop. Newest follower and would love a follow back.

    My family never did the whole huge Christmas thing and I always felt like I missed out... but, I am hoping to change that with my kids.


    1. Hope you get a chance to experience the big family Christmas with your kids. Thanks for stopping by!!


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