Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's been TOO long...

It has been months since I had taken the time to sit down and share with you what has been going on.  There is some much needed catching up to do.  How could I almost let the entire summer go by and not write one little post?  My apologies...

My sweet Grace has had a pretty awesome summer.  Our family started my a FABULOUS trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  From St. Louis it was just a 11 hour drive.  For us that is a walk in the park.  Our family enjoys a nice drive any day.  I love the family time, scenery and just the moments that you share and gain with each other. 

One of the amazing activities we were blessed to do on our trip was go on a Dolphin Cruise to look for Dolphins.  It was amazing...So much fun!!  I was in awe at how many we saw!   The place we used was called The Wharf Sunset & Dolphin Cruises in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Amazing job!!

Upon the return from our relaxing and much needed trip Grace started volleyball.  This would be the first time.  She will be playing at the local YMCA.  I must admit she is pretty damn awesome.  This momma is SO proud.  Her team name is Red Hots and that is exactly what they are.  Last week they won their first match.  It was awesome!!  Grace served the game point to the third game giving them the victory! 

The library was something that kept a lot of our days busy.  I love to read and so does Grace.  This summer she was so excited to get her own library card.  It's almost equivalent to a driver's license to her.  lol  "Oh Happy Day!" 

I cannot complain this summer.  I have gotten to spend many great moments with my family and friends and would not trade those moments for anything.  I will admit I am a little excited to see the summer come to an end to see what a new school year will bring as well as some cool air.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have made the most out of your summer days! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!
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