Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Quick Spritz of Avon Luck For Her To Feel Instantly Energized!

With the holidays quickly approaching many of us already may be losing our steam.  Whether we are stay home moms, college students, or work full time.  We find it hard to find that extra energy especially around the holidays.  I know I struggle to keep up energy during the holidays.  I often find myself looking for anything to give me that boost of energy.

ALL YOU Magazine recommends a quick spritz of #AvonLuck for Her fragrance to feel instantly energized!  How you ask?  Avon's Newest fragrance, Avon Luck For Her is a sparkling fragrance for the woman fortunate in love and life.  This luxurious fragrance instantly seduces with dazzling notes Sparkling Citrus - which research has shown has a stimulating effect.  The aroma of jasmine is also effective in sharpening focus - which in turn speeds up reaction times and improves performances.  

Celebrate your lucky moments from day to night and feel better and more energized with Avon's NEW long lasting fragrance Avon Luck for Her.    

Please watch the video below to learn a little more about MY new favorite fragrance.  

To purchase you very own Avon Luck for Her please visit my website HERE.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about this product OR any other products or Avon in general.  

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