Friday, January 23, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - Onward Christian's Soldiers -

My heart is pounding.  My legs are pure jelly.  I'm a quivering mess.  Christian Grey is sitting across from me. 
He's so good looking, it's unnerving.  His hair is tousled.  is gaze is steely, like molten gray fire. 
Oh my.  I swallow my Diet Coke convulsively.  What's happening?  What's he going to do now?
His long-fingered hands reach for the cheese plate.  I gasp and flush scarlet as he piles Manchego and chorizo on crusty bread.  "Mmmm, " he says.
He looks up at me, his eyes full of some unfathomable question.
Holy cow.  Could this be more erotic?
"Is this the whole-grain mustard?" he asked.
My heart pounds faster.  The blood thrums in my ears.  I go into cardiac arrest.

Takes me back to months of reading the best trilogy of books I have ever read.  Many BFF's and couples will be filling the movie theaters to watch the one of the top movies set to release Valentines Day 2015 and I am sure you are as excited as I am.  Fifty Shades of Grey has finally come to the big screen and I cannot wait!!   

After much debate I am honestly excited about the main actors.  As everybody knows.....Christian Grey is being played by Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele is being played by Dakota  Johnson.  Did you know Jamie was not the first choice for Christian Grey?  Charlie Hunnam was their first choice.  Many fans love this decisions and Charlie also felt excited for the role.  Unfortunately with Charlie's intense TV schedule it did not workout and he needed to decline the role. 

Their next and final pick was Jamie Dornan.  This made Grey fans not happy and many are still unhappy with the decision.  The hashtag #NotMyChristian started trending on Twitter and is still ongoing.  Some even refuse to see the movie but I bet some will find themselves standing in line just like me.  Even the release of a steamy trailer failed to placate the true diehards.  Many feared the baby-faced, former Calvin Klein underwear model was too adorable to truss anyone up.  My thought is get over it and enjoy the movie.  Not everyone will feel the same way about every man or woman.  Not every man is your leading man so let it go and just enjoy the movie for it's passion and true meaning.  I have a feeling this is one movie you don't want to miss!!

So tell me, after all the months of waiting, discussing and now seeing the different trailers with our Christian and Anastasia are YOU pleased with the picks?  I would honestly say I am.  At first I was not sure about Jamie Dornan as Christian, but I now see him as Christian and cannot wait to see their chemistry together!! 

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