Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Six Winter MUST Haves for Your Skin!!

Every winter I say the same thing, " I hate how dry and itchy my skin gets!!"  I have literally tried every product out there.  My skin not only gets dry like I'm sure many of yours does, but it cracks and bleeds too.  Totally gross and so painfull!  It got to the point where I was having to keep Band-Aids in my purse for ME!  Not the kiddos. 

Over the years I have actually gotten a collection of my winter "Must Haves" and want to share it with YOU!  Not only does my skin get very dry, crack and itchy it is also very sensitive to many products.  The products listed below help with not only dry skin, but help keep my skin feeling soft, rejuvenated and they do not cause redness, itchiness or irritation.  Perfect for those with a brutal winter and dry skin!! 

  1. AVON Skin So Soft  - A favorite of thousands for many years and for good reason.  Not only can Avon's SSS help with your dry skin it makes an awesome bug repellant!  Check out the 30 plus reasons you need to have Skin So Soft in your home HERE.  I always make sure I have a back up bottle in my home!!
  2. AVON Skin So Soft Winter Soft Body Cream - With Hydroseal Complex this body cream is non greasy, goes on smooth and makes my entire body feel soft and smooth.  Love the scent! 
  3. SPECTRUM ESSENTIALS Organic Coconut Oil - This is the perfect choice for a natural body care.  It does have a strong coconut scent which I love.  It can be greasy when first applied, but it really helps dry, itchy skin. 
  4. O'KEEFF'S Working Hands - Made just for the hands and it DOES work!  What I love is I can apply it and go on with my daily routine.  It is NOT greasy, wet or sticky feeling.  It does not have a strong scent so it is great for men or women.  It is made for dry hands that crack or split. 
  5. AVON Naturals Hand and Body Lotion - You cannot go wrong with Avon Naturals Body Lotions.  Many great scents to choose from plus leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling great!  With the great low price they also make great gifts!  I love the convenient travel size perfect to keep in your purse or anywhere. 
  6. AVON Lip Balm - A Must Have every winter is lip balm.  My favorite has always been Avon.  Any kind really will do but be sure it has SPF 15.  We need to protect our beautiful lips from those nasty rays.  Avon Care is one of my favorites.   

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