Thursday, January 13, 2011

FREE $10 Target Gift Card...

In this weeks paper remember to look at your Target ad. For me the coupon is on page 17. You will receive a FREE $10 Target Gift Card with purchase of new or transferred prescription. The coupon does not expire until 1/24/11.
Not sure if your Target has a pharmacy OR even if they would carry your medicine? You can go HERE and check the closest store to you with a pharmacy. Target also offers $4 Generics (for 30 day supply) and $10 Generics (for 90 day supply). Go HERE to see if Target carries your medicine and dosage that you take.
I have switched over both Grace's and my prescriptions when Target has this promotion. They run the promotion every 2 or 3 months so if this time doesn't work for you make sure to keep an eye on those Target ads for the next coupon. Every little bit of savings can help!!
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