Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Soda Really WORTH It??

One month ago my husband stopped cold turkey drinking soda.  He went from drinking at least (2) 2 litters a day to absolutely nothing but water.  From the moment he woke up in the morning he would have a glass to the second he laid his head down to sleep.  I had been on him for months to stop drinking soda all together or at least cut back.  Finally he did.  The first week was a little rough.  He had withdrawal from the caffeine and had pretty bad headaches.  There were times he just wanted to stop and go back to soda, but he didn't. I was so proud of him.  
Now one month later and 10 pounds lighter he is still off the soda.  He has lost that weight and feels much better.  Funny thing...for the past 3-4 years he has not been able to wear his wedding ring because it was just to small.  This past weekend he tried it on.  It fit!!  Giving up soda and all those sugars and sodium now allows him to wear his wedding ring.  
It has saved us money in more ways than one.  We now do not have to pay the money to size his ring AND I am no longer buying soda every 2-3 days.  

Why Is Soda So Addicting?

The term "soft drink" is basically a misnomer since the chemical make up of most drinks in this category is toxic to the human body. "Soft drinks" includes most non-alcoholic beverages: sodas, surely, but juice drinks and energy drinks are not left out of this group of dangers.
Remember: your body needs only water to sustain itself; nothing in soft drinks is needed by your body. At times soft drinks are introduced at an early age by teachers, parents and other loved ones because they too have the addiction. One thing that I would not allow in our house is my daughter doesn't drink much soda.  I believe it is poor to even give a young child a taste for soda at a young age.  If you do, when they are older they will want it all the time.  I do feel it is okay to have as a treat (once in awhile), but not daily or weekly.  It is sold as a tasty treat to refresh you, cool you, and fortify you, when really it's damaging you from the inside out. And it's legal.
The problems associated with soft drinks are serious. The damage that they do to the body begins when you drink it; your body may have to work extra hard to expel the toxins from the beverage. Many of the beverages enjoyed today make your digestive tract extremely toxic by introducing to your system any combination of the following, (rarely just one)
Tonight my husband had decided to poor his first glass of soda.  He decided on Dr. Pepper.  He took 1 drink and didn't even want the rest.  Hallelujah!!  I was so pleased he no longer has a taste for it.  Bye bye Dr. Pepper!!!

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  1. Good for him!!

    I love coca cola, yummmm, so delicious. I don't drink nearly as much, maybe a can or two a day. Normally, I never finish a can either because I forget about it and it goes stale. I've tried to stop drinking it, but the headaches are horrible.

    I don't drink coffee, rarely drink tea and don't often touch alcohol, so I don't see much harm in having one a day. Some days I only have 1/2 a can and split the rest with my boyfriend.

  2. I agree. I mostly drink water but I do love my soda sometimes. With him he just inhaled it and drank SO much. : /

    I do drink iced tea but I have never liked the taste of coffee.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Good for your husband! It's amazing how much weight can be lost by giving up soda alone. I lost 10 lbs when I switched to water only as a beverage a few years ago.

    I will occasionally have one when we are out to a restaraunt, but no more sitting around drinking it all day. My teeth are much whiter now too!

    New follower from the hop :)
    Theresa’s Mixed Nuts


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