Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pig Out of It's Home by Julia Grace

As part of Grace's homework she had to write a story. Here were the guidelines she had to follow:
  • Write about a pig that does not live in a pigpen. What would their life be like?
  • Use some of the spelling words from this week.

Pretty simple, right? Grace just needed some paper, a pencil, an eraser and some sweet imagination. I really wanted to share her story with you. I always love when Grace brings home writing. She loves to write stories and I (as I'm sure all you parents do) love to hear them! I wish you could see the words better. My copier is not hooked up to my laptop and well, I just had issues. The picture you see is from a camera. I will type the story Grace wrote:

The Pig Out of it's Home

The pig wanted to go to the store to find a dress but instead he found a triangle diamond and at night he tried to find a pool to splash in but he did not find one so he tried to find his home and he could not! And he was sad! So he found his car and he drove home and he might pick something up to eat, but he got tired of driving so he stoped at a hotel to sleep. And then he found his family and he was safe and sound at home.

I typed it exactly how she wrote it. I put the spelling words in bold type. I thought the story was pretty cool and I loved how she used the vocabulary words.

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