Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What "Cool" Toys Would You Love To Grow Up With?

I grew up in the 70's and sure, we had a lot of cool toys.  I had my blue Sky Queen banana seat bike, pretty sweet.  We had roller skates and skate boards.  I loved playing tag, jumping rope or simply running around and being adventurous. 

Can you imagine if we grew up with toys like we give our children?  Toys that our children often complain about.  These toys are boring.  Or my favorite.."Mom, there isn't anything to do."  Really?  Why not just go play outside, explore, find something.  Why does music always have to be playing or some video or TV always have to be on? 

I will admit, my daughter does have a lot of "cool" toys.  She also knows how to have an awesome time without those "cool" toys.  I like that about her!  One day she will be playing Wii Dance and the next be kicking her boxing bag for hours or reading a book all evening.  That's awesome to me! 

So, what if...what if I could go back and take some of the "cool" toys with me?  What would I take?
  1. Power Wheels - 2 seat (any kind)

2.  Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

3.  DSi - I loved Nintendo growing up & Mario...this would have been awesome!!

4.  Portable DVD Player

These would be my top picks.  How about you?  Obviously this is just for fun, but which "cool" toys would you have loved to have when you were growing up?
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