Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream

Have you heard of Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream?  I hadn't until Doug told me today.  I don't know if I am more excited or concerned.  Part of me says Oh let's try it, what flavors should we get? And yet there is another part asking why? and why?? 

It's called Cream and you can get it in 6 different flavors.  Orange, Cherry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Caramel and Vanilla.  Cream can be used straight up in a shot glass or to top off your favorite shots or mixed drink.  Sounds actually pretty good, doesn't it? 

Some comments you may hear if you get hooked on the "Cream". 
  • "No officer I haven't been drinking.  Just a few cans of whipped cream."
  • "Man, Julie sure is acting odd, what is wrong with her?"  "Oh she has been hitting the whipped cream pretty hard!"
All and all I am going to try some, how about you?  If you want to check out this new crazy fun party experience, click HERE
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1 comment:

  1. Way too funny! Ive never heard of this whippped cream. Im sure Id like and need at least four cans a day this could be trouble.
    Came across you on Spicey Blog hop weekend


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