Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arm Socks Are Awesome She Says!!

Today was a pretty exciting day for my sweet Grace.  I had ordered her a little something from Avon and she has been waiting patiently for them to arrive.  I must admit, they are pretty cool. 

They are Avon's new Mix and Match Arm Socks.  They are $9.99 each pack and come 2 to a pack.  One light pink and the other bright colored stripes. (my favorite)   (499-833)  One size fits all and that is so true.  I tried them on and they fit me.  That certainly made Grace giggle.  I kind of liked them. 

Here's Grace before school.  She loves to pose.  She wore the stripped ones.  Aren't they totally awesome?  

If interested in buying these please contact me today or shop my online store.  I would appreciate your business and any questions I would be happy to answer. 

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  1. Thise are really cool sock arms. Surely needed in this deep cold Winter we have been having!

  2. Thanks! I thought they were pretty cool! One of her questions was, "Mommy, how will I wash my hands?" I thought that was so cute. lol Excellent point though. She is a thinker!


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