Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At The Bank - Written by Julia Grace

Grace has entered her first writing contest.  We are both very excited!!  Grace loves to read and write.  Maybe it's just because I am her mommy, but I think she is pretty good.  Is she going to be a famous author?  Who knows.  Will she write some famous novel?  One came dream.  I do know it is important and inspiring to see her writing as she does at age 7.  She loves to sit and write story after story.  Her mind is full of thoughts, excitement and dreams just waiting to make in onto the paper.  I am just waiting to she it written.  How exciting is that! 

If you want to check out a pretty cool kids website click HERE.  Imagination Cafe is a fun site for both kids and parents.  Something you can feel safe about sitting down at the computer with your child and have some fun!  If you want to submit  a story or check out the contest, click on the "creative contest tab."

She had an assignment for school.  Write a silly story.  Here is her silly story. 

At the Bank

 Once I was at the bank putting money in the bank. Then they needed some ink so they could print me a check for home. Then they started to think and think how would they get the ink when they are working there? Then they finished thinking about it and came up with an idea! My family could help the bank to get some ink for the printer so it could work. Ans then we finally we could go home and watch t.v and play and do anything.

Written by Julia Grace

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