Friday, February 18, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need To Vent

Today I had a doctor's appointment 1:30.  It was with a doctor I have been seening for years, but he had recently moved to a new location.  I always like to leave with plenty of time just in case I get turned around and mixed up.  That still happens to me living here in St. Louis.  I decided to leave at 12:30.  Traffic was pretty good on Hwy 40.  Once I hit Clarkson Rd. that St. Louis lunch time traffic hit. 

Please forgive me all of St. Louis if I did not merge from 40 onto Clarkson soon enough for you.  The second before I was getting onto Clarkson I hear this obnoxious horn honking that would not stop.  Then I see this huge SUV with this angry little man behind me and quickly to the left of me starring at me.  WOW!  Was it really worth all that?!  This picture would not be complete without the "honkers" phone glued to his ear. 
If you look closely you will see my speed is at 0 MPH.  I am at a complete stop at a red light when I took this picture.  Safety first I say.  No texting for me while I drive.  : ) 

Just thought I would share this photo.  If you see this SUV or license coming.  He could be in a hurry!  ; )

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