Friday, February 18, 2011

Week One Of Painting Is DONE!

My husband started painting last Friday.  The plan is to paint the family room, kitchen, dining room and downstairs bathroom (half bath).  So far we haven't finished the living room yet.  We have some work to do!  The living room colors are white (I though cream so a little bummed about that) and tan.  Ok, it's off-white as Doug would say but to me that is the same as white.  Little picky? I know, but I just wanted cream.  Sitll really excited for the tan to be added.  I hope he starts that tonight. 

Here is what my main level has looked like for a week.  A little unorganized, which I do not like.  I like things clean, organized and put in their places.  Big sigh, I am learning to deal with those issues. 

Looking into our laundry room.  The family room on the left and the kitchen on the right. 

This is one of the walls getting painting tan.  Doug says he can't do it.  We shall see about that.  

The walls on either side of the fireplace will be tan as well.  Excited for that!  

The ladder is now gone and the plastic and put away.  We have had a place to sit all week. 

I am excited for week #2 of painting to begin.  I hope the family room gets finished and onto the kitchen.  Grace so badly wants to help.  Those will be some fun photos!  
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