Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Be On The Look Out For My Next Giveaway!

My Next Giveaway will start next week.  If you are a regularly followers you know I sell Avon and I plan many of my giveaways to be of Avon products.  As I was cleaning out some of my clothes and going through some items I realized just how many "things" I have left from my Kmart double days in my stock pile. 

Several of you may know this, but Kmart in the St. Louis area would have amazing double coupon events.  Now with all the limits and rules I don't even mess with Kmart double coupons.  It just isn't worth my time.  My stock pile of lotion, shampoo and beauty products just feels like it never gets smaller.  One reason is because I have so much.  (he he)  The second is because I do sell Avon and have grown to love many of the products Avon sells. 

Long story short, I got to thinking a great giveaway would be some of those lotions.  Who agrees?  The rules will still be the same as my other giveaways.  I would still love for you to do those extra entries and become a customer on my Avon online store.  Better yet, I would love for you to buy something from my store!  : ) 

So, look for this giveaway to start next week.  Also, If you haven't entered my current giveaway you still have time. 

Click HERE for more information.  Thanks everyone and thanks for following!!
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