Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do You Remember "Ding Dong! Avon Calling!"

Do you remember "Ding dong! Avon Calling!"

Now you can watch the commerical and check Avon's old print ads in the 1954-1965 section of Avon's 125th anniversary timeline.

Be sure to watch the video and see which commercials you remember.  Take time and read what Avon was doing to empower women 125 years ago through today.  You can read more about Avon's history.  Learn about Avon's  Founder David H. McConnell and the Avon lady through the Years. 

One of the most enduring and iconic images of women's entrepreneurship is the Avon Lady. For 125 years, Avon Representatives have brought beauty into the lives of women.  First at home through door-to-door sales, then in the workplace to colleagues and friends, and now online. Through economic boom times, depressions, world wars and other crises, what's united Representatives over the decades and across continents is their dedication to building personal relationships with the customers they serve. It’s a commitment that’s both timeless and universal.

Read about the evolving role of Avon Representatives worldwide since 1886.
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  1. LOL! I DO! I DO! What wonderful memories! You are so awesome to post these iconic images for us to view and remember. Not sure I really want to date myself that much. But... Oh I do remember. Timeless. What a beautiful lagecy you are making for your daughter which started with your mom.


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