Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't You Just Love It When Deals Get Even Better!!

Tonight I did a little shopping on my own online store.  I was in need of some lotions and shower gels.  One I always have loved and trusted is the SSS Original Bath Oil, Shower Gel and Lotion.  I decide to get the B1G2 deal Avon has been having during C-18 and I have been promoting these past two weeks.  I just changed it up a bit to save ME a little extra MONEY!  Love that!

It really was an awesome deal.  See more HERE, but I found a cheaper way to get the exact same products.  This is what I did. 

Purchased the SSS Original Bath Oil (504-322) from C-17 $6.99
The SSS Original Lotion (578-960) from C-17  $4.99
The SSS Original Shower Gel (512-350) from C-18  $1.99

Remember, when you get on my website you will see this picture on the top right of my homepage. 

Simply click on "Quick Item Entry" and there you can choose what campaign you choose to order from.  For example.  If Campaign 20 is the current campaign you can still get the campaign 18 campaign 19 prices.  You can not back order for mark.  Just the Avon books. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or at anytime are having difficulties or have question about products or the website.

The deal I made tonight with the SSS products is still available.  You can go online and purchase it now through Campaign 19.  I would be more than happy to walk you through it by phone, text, email or even Skype or Facebook.  I want to help make your shopping experience easy, enjoyable and fun. 

This is what my invoice looked like online while purchasing the products.  It will break down the items by the different campaigns.  Also, all orders over $30 have FREE Shipping.  The code for Free Shipping for 1st time customers is REPFLYER. 

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