Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Helps You Wake Up In The Morning?

There are just some days when we get plenty of sleep and we still look and feel like we have been out parting all night.  To me I have to wonder if it is just my body getting older?  Many nights I am lucky if I get close to 6 hours of sleep.  I also wonder is the sleep I am getting "good sleep?"  Do you ever wake up after sleeping for 8 hours and just feel exhausted?  What ever it is, no one wants to look exhausted.  Sometimes after a nice shower, several cups a coffee or bodies just want to stay (look) asleep.

In the mornings many of us busy moms or single women,  no matter what your schedule is do not have the time to take hours to spend on our hair and makeup.  We want, (I know I do) something that is quick, that works and perhaps can be done while taking care of other matters. 

While selling Avon I have found a few must have items or steps I go through every morning to help my day start much better. 
  1. Solutions Vibes Wake Up Eye Roller -  Wake up to a refreshing eye massage that eliminates and tightens your under eye bags instantly.  Feels awesome and I also have sensitive skin and have not had any problems. 
  2. Ideal Shade Concealer Stick - The perfect cover-up. Seamless, skin-true, full coverage. Visibly conceal under eye circles & blemishes. Eyes look tired? Gently pat concealer along under eye circles from inside out, then blend.  Hint:  Choose a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. 
  3. SuperExtend Mascara ~  SuperShock Mascara - Mascara instantly makes eyes look brighter and wider.  Mascara is a must have in my morning routine. 
If you take the time, these few items.  These small steps take just under 10 minutes, but can make you look and feel much better and make your start to the day a much brighter one. 
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