Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Scarecrow For Just One Dollar

Today I was shopping at Deals for a few last minute items(seems like everything I do is last minute) for my Pampered Chef party I am hosting tomorrow night.  I was overwhelmed with all the Halloween and Fall decoration and so I decided to take a few moments to look.

The large scarecrows caught my eyes.  My daughter, Grace had been telling how she wanting one for our yard.  These scarecrows were in all different bright, fun colors.  I decided I would get one.  I looked closer at the price and it said $1.00.  I was quite shocked.  I honestly stood there for several minutes looking to make sure I wasn't wrong.  They seemed sturdy and what an awesome find!

I picked the one with the purple bow for my daughter, finished my shopping and headed up to check out.  As I heard my total I though something didn't add up.  I questioned the prices and the cashier tells me, 'Oh yes they are marked $1.00 over there, but they are really $5.00.  Do you want me to call a manger?  Did you want to pay the $5.00 or just $1.00?"

I thought nicely to myself, Gee...let me think do I want to pay more or less?  I think today I will go with the $1.00...Thanks so much!

Then the guy behind me just HAD to put his two scents in.  "They really are worth $5.00.  They are charging $8.00 at Wal-Mart."

Long story short I got my scarecrow for $1.00 and I can't wait for my sweet Grace to see him OR her.  : )

How about you?  When you are shopping and you see a product priced wrong.  Do you fight to get that price?  What are your thoughts?  Do you think if the product is clearly marked wrong it is the fault of the store and you should be given that price?  Does it make a difference when the price difference if greater?

Thanks everyone for reading!!
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  1. Great purchase! We are going to decorate for Halloween this weekend - I can't wait!

  2. Thanks! I almost want to go back when I have more time. I do not have very many Fall decorations. Deals had a lot for pretty cheap prices. I love Fall. : )


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