Monday, September 26, 2011

Avon - Happy Birthday To You!!

Interactive Timeline: Click on the image above to experience Avon's rich history.
95 Years before the first woman was appointed to the
U.S. Supreme Court …
77 Years before the first woman traveled into space …
76 years before the first woman took the reins of a
Fortune 500 company …
34 years before women in the U.S. had the right to vote …
17 years before the first woman won the Nobel Prize …
Avon offered women the opportunity to be CEOs of their own businesses and control their economic destinies.
Avon, 125 years of empowering women.
Think back to when the first time you remember seeing or using an Avon product.  Were you a young child visiting your grandmothers?  Did you mother order it regularly and it was a special occasion when the Avon lady rang that doorbell?  
I can't remember my age, but I know Avon has influenced my life since I was a child.  I grew up with a mother that used many of their products and I became accustomed to their styles, shades, colors and quality of each product.  
I have a very happy childhood memory that has a lot to do with Avon.  I was in 5th grade and very desperately wanted my ears pierced.  Many of the other kids parents would not let them.  I kept asking and still my parents told me no.  Finally, that Christmas I opened a very special gift box.  Inside were a pair of butterfly earrings in a butterfly shaped case from Avon.  That was one of the happiest Christmas memories I have.  
So, do you have any fun, exciting and I hope happy stories to share having to do with Avon?  Throughout the years Avon has certainly changed and it has changed women's lives.  Not only just giving women the confidence to start their own business and to be their own person, but Avon has the largest corporate philanthropy dedicated to women’s causes globally. The company and its philanthropic arm – the U.S.-based Avon Foundation for Women – have raised and donated more than $800 million. Avon’s key philanthropic efforts are two of the issues that matter most to women: breast cancer and domestic violence.

Simply amazing if you ask me!  To sum it up:

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