Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Secrets to Long, Thick, Shiny Hair

We all want that soft, silky, touchable hair that we either see on television or in magazine ads.  But the reality is that hair grows only about a half inch per month. Want to jump-start the process? Read on for insider tips and secrets to stop hair's biggest enemy — breakage — and keep strands strong and healthy.


Overwashing can dry out your hair, so the less you shampoo, the more hydrated it will be and the longer it will grow without breaking. When you do shampoo, consider a shampoo that is sulfate-free formula or low sulfate formula; they often contain less harsh detergents, or none at all, and therefore help preserve your hair's natural oils. I would recommend Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair Shampoo and  Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair Conditioner.  Both products are Half Price during C-21 for $2.99 each. 

Condition, condition, condition. When your hair is well hydrated, it is less likely to dry out and split, so use a conditioner even on the days when you skip shampoo. Your hair should be treated gently, like a delicate fabric, but it also needs to be regularly nourished.  A deep-conditioning product should be applied at least once a week. Avon has many great conditioning products for whatever your type of hair. Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair 5-Day Rescue Treatment (900-846)

 is great to prevent brakeage and bring life back to your hair.  This advanced treatment formulated with creatine, conditioners & surface smoothers transforms dry, damaged hair. Fortifies each hair strand, helps prevent breakage and split ends.


Brushers beware. If you're not careful, your hairbrush can actually do more harm than good. Ripping through wet tangles creates split ends, so try gently running a wide-tooth plastic comb such as Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Detangling Comb (288-910) from roots to ends. When blow-drying with a round brush be sure not to pull too hard or you can break and pull out your hair.  When you're not styling, avoid a brush altogether.  Brushing 100 strokes a day is completely old-fashioned and not a good idea. 

Stop sizzling. Applying hot tools directly to your hair can fry the cuticle, so coat wet locks with a creamy moisturizing product for protection. Try Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair Heat Protection Spray (194-909).  It can be used for any type of hair. This leave-in treatment creates an instant shield against heat from blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Provides lasting moisture and protection. For dry or damaged hair

Choose products wisely. Smoothing out your frizz makes your hair look longer. Try ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment (942-317)  or Avon's NEW ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment (194-875). This will help instantly repair 3 types of damage  CHEMICAL (color treatments, perms) THERMAL (blow dryers, curling irons MECHANICAL (combing and brushing) And, for a glossy effect, apply Avon Daily Shine Smooth & Shine Capsules ($8).


Steer clear of scissors. Contrary to what some stylists say, haircuts don't stimulate growth. "If you're trying to grow your hair, do not cut the length, no matter how fried it is," says Josh. Instead, ask for your ends to be trimmed. For a style change, "short, blunt bangs will make your hair look longer, because the jump is so dramatic."

Restore with keratin. Go for a keratin treatment every eight weeks while growing out your hair.  It smooths out the texture so there's less need for hot tools or dryers. Also, by coating hair with a protective layer, the treatments help protect colored or chemically straightened hair from further damage.


Food is one of the great pleasures of life. The benefits of a healthy diet are obvious when trying to watch one’s weight or cholesterol level, but what we eat also greatly influences the condition of our healthy hair, making diet and hair linked to one another. Hair is a record of one’s diet and nutrition, and that means that what we are not eating can show up, too, in both our diet and hair. As protein is one of hair’s key building blocks, insufficient protein in one’s diet can lead to a decrease in hair’s diameter, making hair less healthy and thick. In addition, crash dieting can result in hair loss, as hair’s growth cycle can be impacted, causing a higher than normal number of hair follicles to shed their hair fibers. The conclusion? Diet and hair are linked. If you want healthy hair and beautiful hair, eat healthy foods, don’t crash diet, and get plenty of protein

Check your meds. Did you know that some birth-control pills can cause hair thinning? Although it's typically not a direct cause and effect, any changes in a woman's hormonal situation can cause hair loss.  Check with your doctor if you're concerned.

Manage your stress.  Stress causes the release of cortisol and other hormones that contribute to hair thinning,  The good news is you can reverse the problem by getting your stress under control.  Make sure you get plenty of rest, your beauty sleep is always important!
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