Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Do You Apply Your Favorite Fragrance?

Buying the right perfume for you can be frustrating.  Many of today's popular fragrances are so expensive plus finding the right one for you can be even more trouble some.  Then after you spend $40, $50 and even $70 on one you get home and find out you don't like it or even worse your better half can't stand the smell.  There goes $70 wasted, down the drain...gone.  

That is what I love about shopping at My Avon Online Store for my fragrances.  Avon's prices are half to even 1/4 to what you find in department stores.  Plus, if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return or exchange it for another item or your money back.  It truly is that simple.  Yes, that is correct.  Your order your fragrance and your boyfriend just can't stand the smell, (even though you think he is crazy) you agree to return it.  You have the option to pick out another item OR be refunded 100% of your money.  

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Do's and Don'ts for Applying You Favorite Fragrance


  • DO apply the perfume by starting from the bottom of the body so that the scent rises. Start by applying it behind the knees and elbows and work your way up to the neck, wrists and behind the ears. This technique will increase the perfume’s longevity.
  • DO spray a light mist on the hair, this will ensure the perfume will last throughout the day.  
  • DO layer your fragrance, this effect will help to make the fragrance last longer.  I love layer my favorite fragrances.  The best way is to buy them in gift sets.  Gift sets often contain the lotion, spray, powder and perfume all in the same scent.  
  • DO moisturize the body before applying perfume. Those with dryer skin tend to loose the scent at a faster time then those with oily skin. The moisture will help to hold on to the fragrance.
  • DO use scented bath gels and powders to help prolong the life of your fragrance
  • DON’T over indulge your self in the perfume. Although laying your perfumes will make your fragrance last longer, you never want to suffocating everyone around you.  I recall a past co-worker that would use a tad too much and it made the work place very uncomfortable at times.  If you had bad allergies you stayed clear of her!  
  • DON’T rub your wrists together after applying your fragrance, this will break up the molecules of the perfume and the scent will quickly dissipate.
  • DON’T choose to wear a perfume based on the way it smells on other people. Every one has different PH levels, acidity in the skin. The differing amounts of PH levels will determine how each ingredient in the perfume will react to your unique chemistry.  I have found this to be so true.  I have liked a friends perfume and then ran out an bought it for myself in the past and didn't like how it smelled on me.  Always make sure to try the fragrance on yourself rather than judge how it smells on someone else.  
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