Monday, November 14, 2011

Happiness Is So Good For The Heart

This weekend was incredibly busy, fun, joyful and exciting.  Don't you just love it when you can sit back, reflect on a Monday and describe your weekend like that?  So many time we hear of the negative things that happened or we are the ones telling those negative stories.  The exciting and joyful times are so much better to talk about and hear about.

This weekend was my daughter's birthday.  She turned 8 on Saturday.  We started off the weekend by taking her treats up to school so she could share with her class on Friday.  My husband took Friday off to make the day even more fun.  Then for lunch we surprised Grace and took her to lunch at her restaurant of choice.  She picked Applebees.  It was delicious and well worth having her miss those last few hours of school.

Saturday she had a skating birthday party with a few friends followed by family at out home with more gifts and cake.  I was blessed by other family members making Grace's cake.  It was awesome!  I am not much of a baker.  I try, but I always seem to mess up somewhere.  It was such a fun time and nice to visit and see everyone.

Sunday was simply beautiful for November.  It was 74 degrees outside which meant we needed to try out Grace's new scooter.  We spend a lot of the day outside and just having fun!!

Grace and her friend skating.

Grace and daddy skating.

Blowing out the candles.

Karaoke with friends.  

Grace and her new scooter (daddy's idea)  : )  
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