Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking Care Of Your Make-Up Brushes

Make-up brushes can be easy to care for if you know how.  Remember, even if you are the only one using your brushes – and you are the only one who should be) your brushes harbor germs and oil that you are putting back on your face each time you use them.  Natural bristle brushes can be cleaned using any good skin cleanser which does not contain oil.  Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the choice of many skin care and make-up professionals – but you can use any oil-free cleanser that you normally use for your skin.
Mix lukewarm water with a drop of your chosen cleanser and swish gently – swishing until the water no longer gets discolored.  Rinse the brush thoroughly under softly-running tepid water.  Make-up brushes love to be hung upside-down to dry, but prior to this blot them gently with a clean lint-free towel.  Make sure they are thoroughly dry prior to their next use.  With this in mind, you may want to have two sets of make-up brushes.  Nylon brushes are easily cleaned as well.  Simply wet the brush and a bit of your chosen cleanser and gently work in.  Do not rub up the shaft of the bristles… only rub downward repeatedly.  As with a natural bristle brush – nylon bristle brushes should be blotted gently and hung to dry.  Never set a wet brush on its handle, and never use heat on any of your brushes.
For a quick cleaning – when you don’t have time to wait for extended drying use a brush cleaner such as Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner.  This has a mild citrus scent and helps to condition the bristles – but this should not replace a good soap and water brush cleaning.  Vinegar and water can also be used and has some disinfectant properties as well.
Remember you need not purchase any special products to clean your brushes.  If your facial cleanser removes dirt and oils off of your face it will remove dirt and oils off of you make-up brushes.  Just handle your brushes with care and they will serve you well for years!
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