Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Protect Your Family with Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard

Kids love outdoor adventures and having a great summer is what it's all about. Camping, hiking, picnicking, canoeing, water-skiing or horseback riding through the woods, kids just want to have a great time.
Fortunately, it's never been easier for families to enjoy an outdoor adventure and still have protection from mosquitoes, biting flies, fleas, and ticks and with the unseasonably warm weather experienced this past winter, mosquitoes are out with a vengeance! What's the best way to deal with these pesky itch-causing, disease-carrying critters? Buy Avon's DEET-free insect repellent--Skin So Soft Bug Guard! Bug Guard carries the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, and is safe for your family.

Available in several different formulas, get YOUR Bug Guard products today! Contact me at 314-495-2699 or  email me at juliesutton.avon@att.net and let me know whether you need Bug Guard with sunscreen, with Vitamin E moisturizer, in towelette form, pump or aerosol.  Just call me and let me deliver your Bug Guard before the bugs start to bite!  

I use both SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Expedition™ SPF 30 Aerosol Spray AND SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Spray  I always have one of each around because they both work awesome!!  If you had to pick one I would pick the SSS Bug Guard Plus with SPF 30.  It is amazing against bugs plus protect against the sun.  My daughter has light, super fair skin and it will protect her all day.  Love it!  Plus I love the aerosol can for mess-free applying.  I must have for your family this summer!!  
Please visit my Online Avon Website.  Take a few moments and read the special happening and take advantage of Avon's great prices and amazing deals!  Please email or call if you have any questions.  

Ask me about the great 1/2 price special on all Bug Guard Plus today! 
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