Sunday, June 17, 2012

Midnight In My Plants

 This is not Midnight
(I have only actually "caught" her once sitting in the plant)

Does anyone else have problems with their cat sitting in their plants?  Mine LOVES to.  Midnight doesn't pee (thank goodness) she just sits and enjoys the dirt.  It is such a pain when she does get in there because I am stuck cleaning up the dirt.  I have found that slicing lemons works GREAT for keeping her away.  It is inexpensive plus gives the house a nice citrus scent and doesn't hurt the plant.  Their are sprays out there, but  I just didn't like the smell and using a chemical spay every morning or when needed. 

That only bad thing about using lemons is it can become a pain slicing the lemons all the time.  For me it really isn't since I always have lemons on hand for my lemon water.  The lemons usually last 7-10 days in the plant. 

I have also heard placing pine cones or tinfoil over the soil would help.  I think I might try the pine cones.  See how that looks.  Good Luck and let me know what other things you use with your cats or kitties!!
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