Friday, August 31, 2012

Time For A Change

Okay...friends family...calm down.  Even though I would LOVE to try the purple and green look I am not sure I could pull it off and I don't think my husband would allow me back in the house (giggle)  Isn't that look beautiful?  I think so!

I am thinking and have been for awhile of trying a little color in my hair.  I currently have short (very short) black hair.  For months I have wanted to add some colored highlights.  Perhaps purple, plum or burgundy.  It think it is time for a little fun and excitement in my hair....don't you?

Here is a recent picture of my short hair.  Okay I know it is a "goofy" one of me and Grace, but it works.

Again, not the best, but it gives you an idea of my hair now.  I was thinking the highlights would be in my bangs and maybe a little in the crown area.  At least 6 or 7 strands. 

Here are some pictures I found on the internet.  I am keeping my hairstyle the same, just adding the color.  

#1.  Burgundy Highlights Not sure if this is too red.  

#2.  Burgundy Highlights  A little deeper.  

#3.  Pure Purple.  Not sure about this one.  

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  1. I LOVE the purple and green, you should go for it. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  2. Real cool. The highlights look great. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Have a good weekend.

  3. Dang, how about the walking dead eyeshadow on the chick with the purple highlights? Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop.

  4. I love the purple and green too! With the work that I do I could totally pull it off. Excited to try something!
    I think I will stay away from the gothic looking makeup. lol Not really my style.

  5. That purple and green is awesome! I would not be brave enough to try it. I hope you find the best color for yours. Good luck with it. New follower here from That Friday Blog Hop.


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