Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do YOU Shop At Aldi?

My shopping trip today.  I spent $23.92 (a little more than normal, but as you can see I snagged a treat for hubby and Grace) 

Do you have an Aldi near you?  Living in the St. Louis are there are several to choose from.  I love shopping at my Aldi store.  Many friends have asked if I like their food and prices.  I do not get all my food at there, but I do get a lot of my fruits and vegetables (when they are on sale) and I often get my milk, eggs and bread.  There are other favorites I grab too.
I do think you need to be careful when shopping at Aldi.  Although many of there prices are low.  If you are a couponer like me and watch the weekly deals at your local grocery store it is sometimes a better deal to shop at you local grocery store verses Aldi.  Just be sure to watch the ads and ALWAYS be sure to check the expiration dates.  (I think this is important no matter where you shop).

What I got for $20.93

10lbs russet potatoes - $3.29 (has been cheaper before but I really needed potatoes)
M&M Ice Cream Cones - $3.69 (Not a normal buy special treat)
Red Grapes - $1.59
Large Pitted Olives - $0.99 (love my olives!)
Spanish Olives - $1.09
Banana $1.10 ($0.44/1b)
Strawberries - $0.99 (in blue container already sliced)
Plain Bagels - $1.49 (we love these)
Cinnamon Bagels - $1.49 (another favorite)
Roma Tomatoes - $1.49
Cinnamon Grahams - $1.49
Graham Crackers - $1.49
Lemons $0.50 ($0.25 each)
Cantaloupe - $0.99
Corn Chips - $0.99

A few tips when shopping at Aldi:

  1. Be sure to always have a quarter handy.
  2. Bring your own bags.  If you do not you will have to either buy bags or try and find boxes to use.
  3. Aldi does not except credit cards( man I wish they did).  Mae sure you have cash or your debit card ready.  
Do you shop at Aldi stores?  What are your thoughts?  

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  1. I've shopped at Aldi only a few times. They mostly have "no name" products and I find to be (in any store, not just Aldi) hit or miss. I think if you spend enough time there you could, little by little, figure out which items your family likes. Don't think of them for fresh produce, I may need to rethink that!

  2. Why do you need a quarter? The closest Alda is quite a bit away so I would have to save a lot of money from my Walmart to go there.

  3. To be honest I never really bought my fresh produce there either. After seeing the deals and the value I am starting to shop more. I do always make sure I check my produce. I think I am that way everywhere. Just to make sure it looks fresh.

  4. You need a quarter for the carts. They are locked. At first it was always a pain to find a quarter, but now it isn't as big of a deals anymore. You unlock the carts with a quarter and one your return your cart you will receive your quarter back.

  5. I shop at Aldi pretty frequently, they do have some good deals although limited selection. I don't tend to buy all of my produce there, though, because at least at ours, the produce doesn't tend to be as fresh as it is at other stores in our area, and with only two people in the family, we need fresh veggies and fruit or they will spoil before we have time to eat them!

  6. I agree! There are just 3 of us and I hate wasting food! The strawberries I just bought are almost gone. lol It really depends on our schedules each week.


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