Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's Your Perfume Personality?

As a leading manufacturer of perfume globally, Avon is able to bring consumers worldwide prestigious celebrity scents, including the award winning Outspoken and Outspoken Intense by Fergie as well as fragrances through special partnerships with international design houses. Many of Avon’s fragrances for men and women extend to personal care products like body lotions and men's grooming products.

Let Avon Scent Shop help you find fragrances that is right for you and let the real you shine.

  • Truly Elegant - Wrapped in sheer silks and classic florals, you make a statement of effortless sophistication.   TRY - Today (floral) , Tomorrow (oriental/woody) OR Forever (oriental/floral) Eau de Parfum Spray.  Only $22 each during C-18.  Save $8!
  • Free Spirit - You're sunny by nature, just like this Avon favorite, Haiku Sunset Eau de Parfum Spray. Special price for C-18.  Only $10.99.  Save $12!!
  • So Sensual - You're in touch with your desires, and tempted by anything spicy, smoky or exotic.  Aromadisiac for Her is a must try!  The heart of pink peppercorn and addictive florals wrapped in warm amber.  Great Value $9.99.  Save $14!!
  • Pretty Posh - If you appreciate the finer things, try these precious potions - Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum Spray.  A shimmering floral with a pure heart of magnolia and sparkling plum.  Another Avon favorite is Rare Diamonds - Sparkling plum blossom, diamond orchid and cashmere woods.  Both only $12.99 for 2 -piece sets (Spray & purse spray) $33 Value!!
  • Shy Girl - Your smile's sweet yet sassy, like this pretty mix of petals and honey - Sweet Honesty An innocent, flirty bouquet of florals, honey and woods.  4-piece set only $9.99 in C-18!  
  • Very Dreamy - If your heart is filled with fairytales and love stories, try Far Away Exotic, an enchanting floras spray.  Chai spice, lavish saffron rose and ambered musk. One of my favorites!!  Buy 1 Get 1 Free in C-18!!
  • Sexy Diva - Outrageously bold and ultra feminine. you're not afraid to flaunt your scents appeal.  Outspoken Intense by Fergie - Shining starfruit and luscious passionflower warmed by a sexy musk.  Save $10 in C-18.  Pay just $20!! 
So, what is your Perfume Personality?  Do you fall under just one category or are you like me where you're 2 or 3 personalities.  OR do all the Perfume Personalities represent you in some way?  Avon not only is a leading manufacturer in perfume but Avon also has the most competitive prices.  You cannot walk into a department stores and get the same quality, service and price as you do with Avon.  Pleas contact me if you are interested in ordering with me.  Shipping is always free on orders $30 or more PLUS new customer use code REPFLYER for Free Shipping (no minimum)!!

Be sure to sign up for my email alerts and not miss a deal, special or free shipping code.  Don't have an email or just wish to stay out of the email game?  You can still shop with me online with out giving me any information you don't want.

I am always looking to expand my Sales Team.  Could you be interested in selling Avon?  Please ask me how and see if selling Avon could be right for you.  Call or email me for more information or click HERE to learn more online PLUS sign up online.

Thanks again for reading!

Julie Sutton
Avon Sales Leader
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