Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy First Day Of Autumn Everyone!!

Yes!!  Autumn is finally here!  The air is cooler, the air is cooler, the long pants and jackets have been taken out and tried on.  I love, love LOVE this time of the year!

  • I love late night drinks with friends talking about anything and everything around a warm popping fire.  
  • I love warm gooey smores and hearing kids laugh and play.  
  • Love enjoying an ice cod beer over great conversation. 

Today a bunch of us walked to the local market, Rick's Roadside Market to checkout the events.  They were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, doughnuts and all the kids got some lemonade, which was delicious.  There was a woman who made wool scarves that were simply beautiful.  You could watch her spin them as she made them.  The kids had a blast and so did the adults.  It's about a mile and 1/2 walk (which is perfect).  I wish I would have taken more pictures , but I did snap this one of all the kids.  It was such a fun day!!

How did you spend the first day of Autumn?  
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  1. Spent the beautiful 1st weekend of fall on a Brownie campout with my oldest. It was a great weekend and some rare one-on-one time for the two of us.


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