Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My favorite New Set of Earrings

I have had my ears pierced since I was in the 5th grade. Actually, my first pair of earrings were from Avon. I begged and begged to get my ears pierced and finally for Christmas one of my gifts were earrings! They were in this beautiful butterfly glass case. The earrings were little butterflies that were purple and blue. I loved them. I wish I still had them to give to my daughter. but unfortunately I have lost both the earrings and the case.
Needless to say I always had earrings in. Just recently, maybe 5 years ago my ears have become more sensitive to certain earrings. I haven’t really been able to find out exactly what irritates them. I have tried anything from my solid gold to my diamonds and to $1.99 cheap earrings. It really just depends.
This Christmas my mother bought me the Genuine Freshwater Pearl Stud Set from Avon. I have worn the earrings since Christmas day and my ears have not gotten sore once. I even slept in them!! Usually when I wear my pearls or diamonds I have to take them out after a few hours. I can’t even tell they are in. I love them!! The size is perfect for me and my 7-year-old daughter even wore them one night. She loved them and they fit her cute ears perfectly.

You can visit my online site during C-2 if you are interested in these Genuine Freshwater Pearl Stud Set. (051-185)
Reg. $19.99
Sale $9.99
Genuine pearls for an inspirational holiday! Five pairs of 6mm freshwater pearl studs in white, champagne, pink, grey and chocolate. Pierced. Comes in a gift box."
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