Friday, February 25, 2011

The Art Project Is Complete!

This morning when Grace woke up she was totally excited to see if her horse from the glitter project we did last night was dry.  Sure enough it was.  I told her while she was eating breakfast if after she was ready for school there was time she could finish it.  That got her engines rolling!  I think I need a project every morning.  Ha!

With only 15 minutes before the bus was due she started coloring her glitter horse. 

She was so excited that she took it to school to show it to her class.  I asked her if she wanted to hang it downstairs or in her room.  She totally choose her room.  : )  I would have too! 

I got on google and searched where you can buy these at.  They are called Create & Color Glitter Horses with glitter lava ice.  They are for ages 4 and up.  I enjoyed them and Grace did too.  As far as making a mess, all you need is a garbage bag to place underneath your working space.  The "lava" is the only mess.  It just feels really gooey.  It actually makes it more fun!  I did find this online.  Click HERE to check it out.  I was a little surprised by the price, but Grace received it as a gift.  Amazon had it priced at $19.99  Perhaps Wal-Mart or Target sells the kits. 

Click HERE for Part one of the art prject (Less t.v and more crafts)  : )   

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  1. Julie thank you for the information on the glitter project. Do they just have hosres? Well its okay I will check. It turned out beautiful. Her smile of great accomplishment ans success What a blessing. Very beautiful like her mom. Have a wonderful weekend. Im headed to see my sisters and niece for a few days. We will see what the Lrod does while Im visiting. Hubby will be on his own. Poor guy. Have a great weekend


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