Thursday, February 24, 2011

Less T.V And More Crafts

How much t.v and video games do you allow in your home?  I work 3 -4 days a week and even when I am not working I rarely watch any t.v during the day.  I do watch more t.v in the evenings.  Some evenings I can watch zero and others I can sit and watch 2 or 3 hours. 

I will admit, I have gotten in the bad habit of allowing Grace, my 7 year-old watch t.v. upstairs or play her DSi when I know there is something I want to watch.  I don't like that I do that.  With all the technology today, if it is something I really need to watch I can record the silly show and spend more time with my daughter. 

I have just noticed in the past 2 or 3 months she has been getting into certain shows and wanting to record them.  I have seen her get upset when she misses a show.  Not a stomping, crying outburst, but she sure wasn't happy.  To me that is loving your television too much.  There are so many other things we could be doing. 

Tonight we had a talk.  I told her all her shows she recorded would be deleted.  At first I could tell she wasn't a fan, but it really didn't bother her.  I told her we would be doing more activities, together and watching less t.v.  She really was alright with it.  Who wouldn't want to spend more time with me!  : ) 

Here was the project we did tonight.  It is called Create & Color Glitter Horses.  She got it for a classmate for her birthday.  Super fun way to make sun catchers. 

Grace and daddy doing the project together. 

Trying to get the "glitter lava ice" on the horse was not very easy.  It was very sticky, but fun!

The horse all done and waiting to dry.  Tomorrow  we will color with the special markers.  Grace was so excited!  I love that!! 

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  1. That is so awseome! I like that little glitter project. I think those ideas will be wonderful to buy eah one of my grands is some craft gifts this year for them. I really like that. Yes! Im sure I do watch way to much TV. the I use it as a tool for noise I may not neccesarly be watching it. When we were kids dad and mom never let us watch much TV said that it was not good for us adn that we needed to use our imagines more and play outside and run and whatever else we could find to do. I remeber when we got older dad would take the plug in to work with him so we couldnt turn TV on till after dinner that was when we were teenagers. He was in electronics. Im now a very grown woman and thankful for that. But I do have TV on way to much now as an adult. Should take lessons from my child hood days. I dont remember my girls really watching alot of TV growing up. We were always on the run it seems doing soemthing. I could be wrong and dreaming that is the truth who knows. Blessings

  2. It was a lot of fun. I am excited to finish the project tomorrow. I bet your grandchildren would love the craft. Maybe at a Wal-Mart or Target? I will have to post pictures. :) When I was growing up tv was so different. We would watch shows as a family. Now half the shows have to be bleeped out becasue of the "reality" of it. I can't stand those shows!
    Sometimes the tv is better left turned off.
    Take care! : )


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