Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buy Avon's Anew Regimen Kits And Receive Advanced Retexturizing Peel FREE!

The ANEW ULTIMATE Regimen Kit (020-039)
SAVE 21%  Reg. $95.00 Sale $75.00
Pro-SirtuinTX Technology
Formulated to help stimulate Sirtuin Youth Protein production for healthier cells, and the help restore skin's youthful architecture.

The ANEW REVERSALIST Regimen Kit (020-043)
 SAVE 22%  Reg. $90.00  Sale $70.00
Word's 1st with Activinol
Designed to Boost Activin, helping to reactivate skin's Repair process & dramatically reverse visible wrinkles.

The ANEW REJUVENATE Regimen Kit (020-058)
 SAVE 29%  Reg. $85.00  Sale $60.00
RevitaFresh Technology
Engineered to help visibly shrink pores, smooth skin texture & even skin tone.

FREE Advanced Retexturizing Peel (a $25 value) with each purchase of a full-size ANEW Regimen Kit! 

Peels away dullness and visible age damage so healthier skin cells can surface. 30 unscented pads.

Everything you need to cleanse, moisturize and treat, morning & night.  Visit my online store today or contact me directly.

Ultimate Regimen Guide

•Customers with Advanced signs of aging.

•Face: Loss of volume, cushion or bounce. Deep wrinkles and dark age spots.
•Eye: Loss of youthful eye shape and definition. Bags and deep lines around eye area.

Reversalist Regimen Guide

•Customers with signs of aging that are progressing and are now more pronounced.

•Face: Now firmness is an issue; wrinkles are more apparent and discolorations are a real concern.
•Eye: Dark circles and wrinkles are more pronounced around eyes.

Rejuvenate Regimen Guide

•Customers with the first or fundamental signs of aging

•Face: Enlarged pores, rough texture, fine lines and dullness

•Eyes: Puffiness, fine lines and shadows
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  1. Thanks for the visit and follow! I'm following back. I love Avon! My mom used to sell it years ago, and I've been using it ever since.

  2. Thanks for following! I just started selling Avon a year ago, but have also grown up using it. I love it! It is one product that will stand the test of time. 125 years is amazing!


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