Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

My sweetheart and I met in 1998 and married in January 2000.  We had a small wedding in a courthouse, but to me it didn't make a difference.  I was still marring the love of my life.  I feel no matter if the wedding cost $50 or $50,000 as long as you are marrying the man or woman of your dreams it doesn't matter how you get there!!

This was in 1999.  This was the oldest picture I could find of Doug and I .  I have tons, but our other computer is down and I can't access all of them right now. 

 Disney July 2010

 Christmas 2010

 Being just plain silly!  2010
 Family picture with my other sweetheart, Grace.  Christmas 2009

I love her so!!!  Julia Grace and Julie : )  2010
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  1. Found you via the blog hop. What a great post on Valentines day. I love to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the wonderful times and joys we've shared over the years. :)

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the follow - now following you back. Your daughter looks sooo sweet.

  3. Thank you! Aren't daughter's wonderful? (when they aren't getting in trouble) lol :)


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