Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Helps You Coupon And Save?

I have been asked by several of my friends and and family to help them with coupons or where I find ll my coupons and savings.  I love sharing my knowledge and experience with them, but I do not do it alone.  I get a lot of help from my friends. 

Clippin' With Carie

Coupon STL

Coupon Tom


Totally Target

STL Mommy

Coupon Divas

The first 2 links, Clippin' With Carie and Coupon STL are the two I use the most.  I always check their sites before I do my grocery shopping for the best deals.  They are based in the St. Louis area, but you could still benefit from their sites.  They both list Target and Walgreen's deals.  Both will tell you on upcoming freebies and coupons in general.  These are two of the best sites for couponing I have found!!

Coupon Tom I use a lot.  This site is great when you are trying to find a coupon and can't remember which interst it is in or you want to buy more, simple put in the brand name and up come where you can find the coupon.  Love it!!

The other  sites I do visit, but not as often.  I guess it's a personal preference.  I think they are all god sites, but I feel you need to find a site you like and are comfortable with. 

I would love for you to become a fan of my site and follow me.  Here I will keep you up to date on the best coupons, freebies and deals in the St. Louis area and often other areas.  I am also an Avon Representative.  You will get access to the best promotions Avon is having.  You will be first to know special coupon codes so you can shop for FREE!  You will also find I have giveaways and I have my own Avon promotions for FREE items. 

You can also learn more about Avon's new irresistible collection for Mom & Baby, Tiny Tillia!  Great for all those couponing moms!  FREE shipping on all orders over $50 or shipping is just a low  $2.95. 

On my site you will also find the random stories about me, my family and everything that goes with that.  I never claimed to be a professional writer, but I sure do enjoy doing this and I hope you enjoy it to! 

Please let me know if you have any questions about couponing or my Avon Online Website.  I would be more than happy to help you! 
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