Sunday, April 17, 2011

The House Next Door

I love the neighborhood we live in.  I think everyone at some point is guilty of starting a sentence saying, "I wish I had this" or I wish this was bigger in our house."  I know I am certainly guilty of it.  The big one I have said a lot is

"I wish we had a bigger back yard." 

I truly do love our home and the neighborhood we live in.  The neighbors are nice, friendly and we have made great friends.  Sure there are the one or two crazy and different ones, but I guarantee if you are reading this, you are not one of them.  The schools are awesome and we have always felt safe here. 

Less than a year ago the house next to us became vacant.  Our good friends who lived there for less than 5 years moved and the big questions came up. I wonder who will be moving in?  We hated to see our friends move.  We had become closer over the past year and they also had two sweet young daughters.  It is always hard to see such good neighbors leave, especially on your children.  Again we wondered, who would move in.  Having good neighbors can be so important.  There have been books, movies about how having a nightmare of a tenant or neighbor can absolutely ruin your life or home.  A lot of it is fiction, but again I have know some people who have had some rough neighbors. 

Who would be your ideal neighbor?  Who would be your worst or "nightmare" neighbor?  How about if a family member moved in?  What if your mother-in-law were to move in?  Get ready because that is the new neighbors in Copper Crest. 

You know what is the best?  The reaction from people when they first find our my parents are moving next door.  Uh, what does Doug think about this?  I love it!  Actually, I will have to admit, Doug has himself a amazing mother-in-law!  We are all pretty excited about it. 

Now, we just need to find a house for Doug's parents!  lol 
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  1. That is so cool! I beat your daughter is so excited. i would be if I could live near my daughters and grandchildren and to live next door would be like a dream.

  2. She is so excited!! When family come to stay it will be even more fun. : )


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