Thursday, April 14, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponing Show - One Couponers Opinion

Lately there has been so much excitement and talk about TLC new show Extreme Couponing.  I watched the original episode when it aired months ago.  It was interesting, but to me so much of it was not true to how couponing really works here in St. Louis.  I will admit some part were exciting, but to me it just isn't realistic.

In St. Louis there are a few stores you can double your coupons.  There are not any stores that allow you to triple your coupons.  Schnucks & Dierbergs are the 2 stores in my are that I shop at the double coupons.  They will double coupons up to .40 cents.  These stores also have limits to the amount of coupons you can use and the amount of double coupons you can use.  You can still get great savings and deals with these stores.  At times I will admit I envy the stores the double higher amount coupons and triple coupons every day.   

We also have Shop N Save that has a deal on Thursday.  Not every Thursday, but most they will offer you $10 off when you spend $50 (no coupon is needed).  This plus the use of other coupons can equal some great savings.

To me couponing is a way to save money for my friends and family.  It is a way of balancing this this called fianances and budget.  I started couponing when I was laid off over 2 years ago. It was a way for our family to help save that extra money.  I did coupon prior to that, but it was more cliping one or two and really not understanding the full WOW of how I could really save money.  Once I started working again I still continued to coupon because it became a way of life plus our family enjoyed it. 

To me part of the exciting part when you are saving all this money and getting several items for free or close to free is being able to share with others.  What bothered me about the show is how some of these couponers would seem to hoard 100's of items when it seems many could be given to those in need.  I understand this is my opinion and that is there choice.  My other question is expiration date.  Many of the couponers talk about how they have a system so they can make sure the food doesn't expire.  I know that I have a much smaller stockpile and have had problems with food expiring.  How we do things at my house is if we are not going to use it we are going to donate it! 

I do have a favorite from the Extreme Couponing Show, Nathan.  I think they call him Mr. Coupon.  He does extreme couponing, but what I liked about him is he gives just as much as he keeps.  I just watched the episode where he gave I believe it was either 100 or 1000 care packages for our solders.  How awesome is that!!  He was also on the the 1st episode and bought all the boxes of Total cereal.  He also donated either all or a portion of those.  Yes, he has an wicked huge stockpile, but he also takes the time and money from his budget to give to those who need it.  That is what I love to see!!!

Her is a clip from the most recent show with Nathan.  : )

TLC Extreme Couponing is on every Wednesday at 8 pm Central.  Are you a couponer?  Do you or have you been watching the show?  What are your thoughts and do you enjoy watching?
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