Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Am Becoming A Night Owl

This newer job I have taken on is one I absolutely love!  I get the chance to work from home - love it!  I get to be there every morning when my daughter goes to school and comes home - love it!  I pretty much set my own hours - love it!!  I work for a good friend - Who wouldn't love that?  I get to work on a computer all day doing busy crazy work - would you love it?  I love it!!  I am starting to stay up late - Wait...I don't love that!!!! 
Okay, so everything about this job is awesome except that.  I know it's partially because I am now so busy during the day I have lost that extra time I had to work on my "other" business, Avon.  I think the other part is play time.  I will admit I would get on the computer several times a day.  Now when I'm on it it's for work, not pleasure. 
The one good thing about this is my body does not require as much sleep as the "normal" person.  Well, I think it doesn't.  I can go 3 or 4 days and then I get caught with a pretty nasty migraine. 
For now it is working.  Although it is almost 1am and I am not even close to going to bed, Hmmmm, lets hope tomorrow or should I say today is a productive day!!  : )
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